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Microlighting and Hang Gliding

Kevin Gilligan is the Chief Flight Instructor and Proprietor of Updraught Microlights and Hang Gliders, which are HGFA Approved Flight Training Facilities.

His experience in the realm of “weight shift aviation” began in 1976 building his first glider from plan set, “The Wind Soarer MkII”, apparently a vast improvement on MkI. Surviving this he today has flown most popular sites and competed in over 25 national ladder competitions. He is also a CFI in Microlighting and CFI in Hang Gliding, making Kevin one of only three in Australia with such credentials.

Kevin’s flight training facilities are located on the tropical north coast of Queensland, in the Cairns and Port Douglas areas. Here for nine months of the year, the skies are blue and the temperature is from 18° – 28°.

This Utopia includes the Great Barrier Reef, gardens of tropical palms and pristine rainforest, crystal mountain streams and golden beaches. The ecology in this tropical paradise is very much intact and whilst flying you may see crocodiles, dugongs, turtles, sharks, dolphins or giant rays.

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